The end.

This just in: There will be no Fu finale this week. Last Friday’s show can now be considered the last episode.

As with the previous news, the reasons for all of this will remain private. Several of you have asked me to explain more, but doing so would be, you know, unprofessional. (I know “professionalism” and “the Fu” never go together, but just this once, it will.)

Instead, I’ll simply say thanks to the fans for keeping up with us, to the station for putting us on the air, to the bands that rocked the house, and to the Fu Crew for putting so much time and effort into the show with nothing but pizza or burgers as payment. You guys are awesome.

And with that, this is Cap’n Dave, signing off.

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  1. mark and son March 26, 2010 at 9:33 am #

    once again a sad ending.for the FU, Friday nights will not be the same

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