The Last Days of Friday Night Fu…

The ghost of Ted Sullivan must not have been too happy with our announcement of the show’s end, since – as you heard throughout tonight’s show – we got cancelled. No joke. For reasons that will remain behind the scenes (sorry, gossip hounds!), it was decided not to wait until May to end the show; instead, the series finale will be next Friday.  It threw us all off guard, especially since we just came back from a lengthy break.

So, first, we’d like to offer our sincere apologies to the three local bands who were scheduled to appear in the now-gone upcoming weeks. You guys went out of your way to include us in your plans, and in return you get a big ol’ hole in your schedules. We’re understandably upset that you got such crappy treatment and now can’t be part of our send-off. On the plus side, we look forward to catching all of you live whenever you play in town.

Second, we want to mention that sister show Frank Zito’s Night of Frights is also going, going, gone. We were really looking forward to putting a second season together, but its cancellation was part of the same deal as the one that ended the Fu.

But! Not all is gloom and doom, for we still have a mega-super-ultra-awesome series finale in the works for next week. Mark your calendars and call in sick, because on March 26, Mala In Se will stop by to play some very loud music, some of your favorite characters will make one final appearance, and the movie, well… I’m going to keep the movie secret just this once. It’s such a perfect movie to feature on our last show, and I think you’ll enjoy the surprise.

So that’s it. We’ll see you next week for one last Fu!

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  1. mark and son March 20, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    how sad that no longer on friday nights my boy and i will have a reason to stay up late and watch the insanity of the FU not since the PAST PRIME PLAYHOUSE of ancient lore has any real television been on in this conservative carbunkle on the butt of America long live the FU P.S. FRANK ZITO,S A PUSSY

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