The Beginning of the End!

Let’s get right to it: This will be the last season of Friday Night Fu.

OK, now back up: No, we haven’t been cancelled. The decision to end the show is an internal one. We’ve been planning the next stage of the Fu for a while, and as discussions rolled on, the plans evolved further and further away from the Fu as it is now. Eventually, we decided the best course would be to pull a Seinfeld by ending the show on top (well, as “on top” as the Fu can get, anyway), then start from scratch. It’s too early to announce what that scratch will be, but don’t worry – it’ll include almost all of the Fu Crew, as well as several of its best characters. (Plus, there’s a new season of Frank Zito’s Night of Frights in the works, too, so we’ll still be around for quite a while.)

In the meantime, we still have plenty of Fu to deliver. We have nine more episodes until the finale, some of which will feature some very awesome musical guests. (We’re also squeezing another rerun block in there, because darn it, we need our vacations!) The series finale is scheduled for May 28, and I promise you, it’ll be the one episode you won’t want to miss.

So that’s it. It’s the End of the Fu As We Know It, and frankly, I feel fine. The home stretch begins tonight. Be there!

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