Episode 66: Black Cobra 2

Episode 66 – Original air date 01/15/10

The movie: Black Cobra 2 (1988, dir. Stelvio Massi)

Rogue supercop Robert Malone is back! This time, he’s off to the Phillippines, where he’s gotta work side by side with that guy who played Spider-Man in that crappy live-action TV series. Remember that show? The one with the awful effects and the wacka-jawacka music and the Spidey suit that looked like pajamas? Yeah, that’s the one. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Robert Malone and Spider-Man, together at last.

The Fu:

Hey, have you heard all about the scandal involving Jay Leno and the Tonight Show? You have? About eight billion times in the past four days? Well, buckle up for eight milion and one. Our big, clever take on the whole thing is that Jay Leno looks like a potato. Meanwhile, Stu brought his nephew to the show, Bernie hasn’t gotten over Avatar, and Dave’s Santa suit has become some sort of health hazard. Welcome to twenty ten! Or two thousand ten, if you want to say it like a jerk.

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